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tv   News  RT  February 16, 2018 2:00pm-2:30pm EST

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spoiled boy he sure is real madrid you know yes indeed los blancos. we toured out there and they were inspired ones got to remember that of course we was the principal club probably of the world it's a big statement but football was in its infancy so. we were the first and we were told ring and giving football to the low how proud all you have a football club that many many football fans these days will not know about this is inspired so many people but also managed to keep its amateur. close to the football club it's the be all and end all the way ream but we retain. the status we have or allow that not to be you know every. where players have been played a couple of hundred times and chairman is a multi-billionaire. in reality we could be stunned you need to as
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a fifty thousand arena if corinthians would have two of those years ago yes but then. the principles the club was a stab at east and indeed at the beginning of football the idea was that it was a game for play. for you to enjoy and for the adventure the spectators to enjoy and the professionalism came in late which was against our creed and we don't wish to join we've had office to be taken over for somebody to buy as a club because it's name and it's prestigious but we won't do it we never will it will remain the top playing amateur aside in the country. while i played the game because i love the guy and the ground. is the program's. the photographer the mikes the program brian the cham and it makes you
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realize that stealing two thousand and eighteen in this day and i guess where players are moving for one hundred fifty two hundred two hundred fifty million pounds that the spirit the corinthian spirits of the gang is still a lawyer none of these players get. the money jamie doesn't get paid nobody gets paid for by all do it for the no for the guy. so i was coming to the pool three months to the guy. finish not a fun toss to die here it's creeping casuals if you want to know. it's the parent club the mother club the fall of the club corinthian sarah palin is this recall keenan bruno come all the wife from brazil to london of course parents or come back to the parent cloaked community doing join the gang good guy who is really
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into so show us your corinthian sao paulo follow fans and this is you'll put us on the club you had a good time fun to stick for supposed to first of all for something you already got to join us after the break because i sit down with bases and mexico skip i'm dres wide don't go anywhere. same wrong. just don't call. me old yet to shape out these days comes to educate and engage with equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground.
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the stakes couldn't be higher and it's happening in syria the goal of destroying news long expat is largely complete now the syrian proxy war is in train the new stage for the players and one of their aims and what does winning. the shia mexico qualified for their sixteenth local tournament on saturday and we. go to the outreach hopes as well as chatting to his best team mates about their country's chances. will cook.
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it's the middle of winter but you wouldn't know it's we here in beautiful seville. one of the two great clubs in the city we're going to chat to a man to die this is a legend in a hero for. more importantly for his country mexico he's played in free world cup tournament's already. in russia that's how the charts so i'm very proud of the. fantastic you can join me on this time calling. we're here at beautiful betsy's to do. your full world cup in the summer you've played three already do you still get excited at the thought of playing in the. c i would have more so for every medal. but i mean. by and no i mean.
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i want you out of course if i get up and i miss. one said ok and it was a learning. by east yes a sort of comment on what the well known said about the book i'm going to start up i mean he said ok you know which has been you favorite world cope you played in two thousand and six two thousand and ten in south africa two thousand and fourteen in brazil which one is your favorite so far. as. the fifteen in that i don't mean to say for those meet ups a lot of money off i mean i would and i'm calling you. especially. with so much of it. coming from with. him on the island they must move the square don't they put us in a war. zone they're going to get i mean if. he had
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a moment i would have. put into them and. also means face known as often in some ways perhaps mexico was at the confederations cup last summer i was there and watched all of the games very good too what did you think of the facilities in the stadiums in russia are you excited at the thought of playing for el tree in russia sees that i could be honest not doesn't love it a quote of a. loss but as i look out i wasn't going to write it in the. last play corneal was. a i would like it but i mean he joke. around but i mean three can of of almost. all i mean. he was an officer in the. union credibly experienced international over one hundred games for three. which countries do you think are the favorites for the
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world cup will it be the usual germany so you know brazil which do you think is very strong. the audio you're going to. not play this. i mean so master resurrection and last but this one in the end no he won. well in fact and you know. it and it has. any. special will it be for you personally supply in a fourth will come. this is a very very small group of footballers to ever play in amounts of tournament it must make you very proud. to wear your service and i would. not go by the woman on the squad if we were these what i will name it was that when
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i compiled with you in the story up what does it for me what happened on this is not a play that is created you know we go so he looks at the. us went back and misses but one missed. it's better that i. see. up inside looking if you like a guest but it won't danny. wolf you would open warfare going on in the whole political present moment to assess. what the i'm one of a here beautiful verses preach solid you've got big game this weekend against barcelona to appeal to my faith now do me see my you will be selected for morocco and for denmark will you give them some of your advice how to play in a world. thought i can hear but i. see what i want and then the south and.
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the moon oh no. no no but i am a decent guy while the risk when i hope i move on because move when. i must know somebody in the hall is on your knees when one of our young. that insulting us actions by you and i. want to embrace timeless and open no matter what kind of people must represent them which finally. russia two thousand and eighteen lots of great scenes as captain what do you hope what do you expect how far can mexico go. for your spittle in. my horoscope was a moon the but i mean he. and the american are you going to. ask. and in one. place had only one spectacular but i thought he wanted i mean that ok us plan to escape. me he called they said fossil classified as. a i said as i started at the los alamos and. i'm very funky very much for joining us all the very best for the
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world cup with mexico i have one final thing to outproduce. spanish and he's a big. heroes is jose miguel has miguel come and sit next to you here right now. would you sign his shirts please these bets i'm sure. it's not only the best. of you know you know. i mean. all you. guys. and all you know i'm on we go tonight very very. low ball.
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so ok thank you very much for joining us on the stand collymore show up on monday in the sum out morocco back twenty years since the last will cook how excited are you to be back at the world cup went on to tell them which i think for. one. but i thought biased but i'm not a local sports face with football or no. i don't know. one minute and the whole when we. want to put out put up with any of that i. i'm done that will sell or came. in on one of them which i know this president down the us didn't i mean almost when we moved in i was. almost i thought of us out and one of the most i. don't. see.
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all these mix of experience and you. tell us about these things. for kitchen poco mixed on all part of. i almost all of us there in. bed all i wallowed his holiness. people see a church isaac some said. fossil time down. to the sun does not have it on may do but not the whole idea of until just before the winter sun to get only that many people. in them and their mutual goal while lotus how did they shall look at them innocent around for the pharaoh and that although some of them were on the roof and also muslim if you focus. your almost more business almost one off amelia the seven must get in and was quite in time units of personas a thousand or so those. without enough of an eye for yet and all the moment all for one thought of christendom was on them by use. when the list for the.
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others like a. post on the shoulder of the tomb was k. k. without a fight i thought i could be as honest because on that us. all at least we should. all the very best it will cope good luck thank you very much you. just had a difficult trying session you got barcelona. here of course in the next few days let's talk briefly about it woke up ten more qualified we were there. to watch quite an incredible performance from the christian eriksen how excited are you to be potentially flying into woke up in the summer in russia. i'm really really excited for the coach of. the sport before going well please. i'm really excited and finally what is the expectation for you to die in the squad to get out of the group for us to be competitive what you think are realistic
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expectations for denmark we want so it's a pull through with the group stage. and playful it's highly why not i mean and the world cup is really what it is difficult to say about as i said before that you know every game has its own life and you're looking forward to going to claim in russia some great stadiums luzhniki moscow some preachers but sixty thousand a different environment to play football in here is going to be totally different first of all we have to enjoy it but i think one of the first on the pitch will forget about the spectators and just enjoy every second then give everything to win and to win the game good luck against barcelona at the weekend thank you for joining us thank you very much thank you. for the sweet sign telling next week as well be sitting down with the second
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highest ranked pfieffer official no less that's fatless mora and we take you to the smallest football league in the world com on. in twenty forty you know bloody revolution through two crypt demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it just no lawyer i mean your list book video of gloom in the unable is that i knew school in the middle of the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen. of those who took the boat i've invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other
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goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic iraq. but if north korea really believes we're about to conduct a preemptive strike of this would be a significant and a serious preemptive strike that may. they may be motivated to make a to try to be there for the guys to have their own first book. about your sudden passing i've only just learned you worry yourself in taking your last bang turn. your at the top to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath . but then my feeling started to change you talked about war like it was again
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still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with death this one quite different i speak to you now because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media. has met its maker. thought. most losing nice but smelling things. just isn't this thing in the woods which business in manitoba nucleation is a.
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small part. limited so up until just almost a trial a. couple don't play a broadcaster to get through some odd time all this well. i think.
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on a visit to america's top diplomat attempts to improve worsening relations with a key nato ally turkey says tensions grow in syria over washington support for kurdish groups which turkey considers terrorists. big spirit is being embraced by competitors from around the world the winter games in south korea with rivals helping each other out. brazil specific russian athlete he offered me hope tactical help the fact that he was willing to reach out and help me in such a desperate time shows that work can bridge you know cultures it can bridge politics. and a new report into alleged russian interference in the trenches sixteen us presidential election claims popular american media outlets were in directly involved in meddling themselves.
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you're watching r t international live from moscow studio with me. welcome to the program the u.s. secretary of state is in turkey in an effort to mend ties with ankara rex tillerson has already met with president as well as the country's foreign minister the nato allies have been told so over washing. and support for kurdish militias in assyria and chris is angry that the u.s. backs groups which turkey calls terrorists and rex tillerson tried to ease the tensions by claiming the support is limited however this does not seem to be enough for ankara. always been clear with turkey that the weapons provided to the syrian forces would be limited mission specific provided only. to
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achieve gestures although we demand that this relationship and by that i mean we want them to and all the support given to the syrian arm of the p.k. k. the white b.g. let's take a closer look now at the two groups just referred to by the defense minister the p.k. k. is the kurdistan workers' party a group fighting turkish authorities for more than thirty years both ankara and washington consider them a terrorist organization on the other hand american turkey have different opinions on this so we are based kurdish militia called the people's protection unit saw the white p.g. and co regarded as a branch of the p.k. k. and therefore terrorist but the us led coalition to seize the white p.g. as allies in the fight against islamic state in syria in january the pentagon announced it was creating a kurdish led security force right on turkey's doorstep in northern syria in response. to a military campaign against kurdish militia turkey has long been complaining about
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the us arming syria's kurds however washington insists its weapons supplies a limited. we have never given heavy arms to the y. p g so there is no one to take back we should be using we should be. driven to be that this. really proved to be the most. now the turkish government considers these kurdish forces operating in syria to be terrorists and feels quite threatened by them and has been a long outspoken handing that the united states and its support for these forces why does the us continue to send weapons in syria even after i suppose it's been cleared why do these weapons still arrive you must be plotting against. america is in the process of creating a terror omi on all. what we have to do is nip this terror army in the bud american do nothing crucial now borders do not provoke us we will run out of patience
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tillerson has arrived in turkey and he'll be going to an embassy a u.s. embassy in turkey that is on a street it's actually named for the military operation against those kurdish forces armed by the united states operation olive branch they've sending a pretty clear message to washington that they do not approve of this policy of arming kurdish forces the united states is caught in a strange place between two allies it's aligned with the kurdish forces and it's also aligned with the turkish government a member of nato that considers those kurdish forces to be terrorists. as discussed with this with jamal wakim professor of history and international relations at the lebanese university in beirut welcome to the program jamal. let's start with the meeting do you think this meeting will bring any significant easing of the dangerous tensions do you think between washington and ankara in syria that we've been witnessing. i believe so specially at
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a time when the goods in syria. have mended fences with the syrian government and have let the syrian troops to enter to offer in the same time . the turkish troops are stumbling and they didn't achieve much success in their onslaught on our friend so i believe the u.s. secretary of state has given that. a gate out. of the crisis or of the problems they found themselves in especially that the americans want to keep the goods at bay they don't want them to. feel free to deal with whichever a side they want specially that it was a lot of me for them what they did with the syrian government regarding three and
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so they want to go on to their control and they want also to win the turks over and that's why they. expressed his willingness to allow turkish troops to go to. part of the city alongside the american troops and by the. americans are trying to. match the. alliances with the. good and with that. going to all on hold over northern syria yeah i mean it is a huge. difficult place for the u.s. to be in and whether they can hold the peace and for how long is yet to be seen now the been a few stumbling blocks between turkey and the u.s. one of them being the purchase of russia's s four hundred missile defense system by
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ankara now washington and they've drawn up a legislation that could result in turkey being sanctioned by that so a more conflict there let's just have a listen to what tell us inside and how we justified this. just one second we'll have a quick listen or you to hear them as a solution was not your friends in our lives but it is directed at russia for its interference in our elections so we've been advised countries around the world as to what the impact on their relationship and purchases that there might be consider with russia and maybe have reconsidered those in it decided to not proceed with. so you heard what was said there it did sound like a bit of a threat didn't it give me your opinion on how that sounded to you and why he said what he said. well first of all it's in the
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interest of the united states. not to be armed by russia especially that turkey is a nato member. and at the same time the president of turkey russia play better they're going to have been flirting for too long with the russians in a way to ease the americans and try to win them over again and that's why i believe that the. action taken by the u.s. congress is directly. directed actually against the government. and i believe that television was trying to be diplomatic in his answer but. as two hundred. sophisticated weapons compared to the as three hundred and four hundred and i believe that. they didn't cross the red line for the americans
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they are trying to. just use them to put them back. at a time when the americans were relying more and more on the kurds ok jamal wakim professor of history and international relations at lebanese university in beirut thanks very much for your thoughts and for coming on to our program thanks to. the u.s. is relying on kurds while trying to violate the sovereignty of syria and separate a piece of its territory that's the view of the russia's foreign minister in every interview. we're going to split and as that would you u.s. special forces and other units are on the ground in syria illegally without any invitation from damascus actually from the legitimate government or any u.n. security council mandate. it's understood that the u.s. probably has some kind of strategy which i think means settling in syria forever
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with its armed forces they want to do the same now in iraq and afghanistan contrary to all their previous promises they are already sparking a situation where a huge part of syrian territory would be separated from the rest of the country violating the sovereignty of the syrian arab republic there they are creating quite as i local ruling bodies all the time trying to give them some kind of autonomous composition relying on kurds. is now a week since their winter olympics in south korea officially began and while there have been some touching stories of which will help and support sporting controversy and also making the headlines. as wanting to. fortunately well went to a live picture the story has been that every other day yung chang treat the media well sort of scared out.

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